U Discovery Cream

Functional elasticity cream to increase elasticity

Origin of productsRepublic of Korea
Shipping and Handling ChargePay on order
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U Discovery Cream

Functional elasticity cream to increase elasticity





It is a functional elastic cream for balancing and wrinkle of dry skin, whitening, and elasticity increase.

Key Point 1
It contains hydrolized collagen, deeply moisturizes and replenishes the skin, and completes a brilliant brightening that shines firmly.

Key Point 2
Persimmon extract and Galactomisses fermented extract for skin rejuvenation help strengthen skin barrier and provide rich nutrition and moisture to make skin moist and supple.

Key Point 3
Combined herbal extracts such as phellinus linteus, scutellaria, and sophora root extracts enhance skin suppleness and help to make your skin clean and resilient with nutrition loss and stress.

Niacinamide, Adenosine

It helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement.

[How to use]
In the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount in the final step of foundation care and smooth out from inside to outside along the skin texture.

Product Summary : cosmetics
Product Information
Capacity or weight 50g
Product Specifications all skin type
Manufacturer Daegu Haany University
Market Authorization Holder -
Country of manufacture Republic of Korea
Information about the terms of the transaction
The terms of the transaction
Information on how to deliver goods Refer to the product description page
Expected delivery time after order Refer to the product description page
Information about the cost of the return of the customer when the application is canceled due to the simple remorse and mis-purchase of the consumer, not the product defect Refer to the ShippingㆍExchangeㆍReturn description page
The reason and basis for the case that it is not possible to withdraw the subscription due to the simple remorse or mistake purchase of the consumer Refer to the ShippingㆍExchangeㆍReturn description page
Exchange, Returns, Warranties and Quality Assurance Standards of goods We follow Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards (Fair Trade Commission Notice) and related laws.
Phone number for after-sales service of goods Refer to the product description page
The method of receiving the refund and the specific conditions and procedures for the payment of the indemnity and the fact that you can be compensated for the delay if the refund is delayed Refer to the ShippingㆍExchangeㆍReturn description page
Handling consumer damage compensation, handling complaints about goods, and disputes between consumers and operators We follow Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards (Fair Trade Commission Notice) and related laws.
How to read the terms of the transaction agreement You can find it on the product details page or on the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the page.
01. Return period
  • In case of the simple remorse : Apply within 7 days after receipt of products
  • In case of defective product / wrong delivery : Apply within 3 months after receipt of the item, or within 30 days after the fact is known
02. Return shipping fee
Return shipping fee
Reason for return Return shipping fee payer
The simple remorse Customer is responsible, including initial shipping costs a round trip shipping will incur.
Also, if you are in an island / mountain area or returning installation items, shipping charges may be added.
Defective product / wrong delivery Not a customer responsibility.
03. Refund according to delivery status
Refund information
Progress Payment Completed Items Under preparation Order delivery / Delivery in progress / Delivery completion
Status Before check your order history All items are ready to ship Item has already been shipped to the courier
Refund Immediate refund Cancellation of purchase → Stop shipment → Return of refund Return of goods → Confirmation of returned → Refund
04. How to cancel
  • If it is Payment completed or Shipping, you must apply cancellation to the 1:1 Inquiry.
  • Cancellation fees may apply for certain items.
05. The point of refund
The point of refund
Payment method The point of refund The method of refund
Credit card Cancellation of card issuer within 3~5 days after the cancellation is completed (business day) Cancellation of credit card authorization
Account Transfer Real-time bank transfer or Remittance without bank book
After the cancellation is completed, the amount of refund will be deposited within 1~2 days to the refund account you entered (business day)
Deposit account
Mobile phone billing when the cancellation is on the same day of payment, Cancellation will be operated within 6 hours after cancellation
When It is cancellation of previous month's purchase history, the amount of refund will be deposited within 1~2 days to the refund account (business day)
Cancellation on the day: Cancellation of mobile payment authorization
Cancellation on the next month: Deposit to account
06. Reason for not returning, cancelling
  • If the reason is the simple remorse, after 7 days from delivery, cancellation / return application will not be accepted.
  • In the case of customized products, cancellation is not possible if production has already been started.
  • You can’t cancel / return the product if it is lost or broken / damaged / spoilt due to careless handling.
  • Prices may vary due to manufacturer's circumstances (new model releases, etc.) and component price fluctuations. In these cases, returns and price compensation are not allowed.
  • In case of trouble (allergy, red spot, itching, stinging) when using beauty products, a refund can be made by showing proof of medical treatment and opinion, but in this case, all expenses of that proof must be paid by the customer.
  • For each item, cancellation / return may be restricted for the following reasons.

No refunds
Item group Cancellation / Rejection not allowed
Seasonal product / food / cosmetics If the value of the product is significantly reduced by your use, time lapse, or some consumption